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Are you a teacher seeking a career change?

You have been the pillar of support for others, now it is your turn!  Allow me to be your village, offering affordable, strategic coaching to ensure a successful launch and progression in your journey toward a new and rewarding career.

Meet Your Coach

Belinda "Billie" Medellin

2020 Texas Secondary Teacher of the Year-Region 20
K-12 UX EDU Foundation Founder & Executive Director
Global Academic Digital Initiative Project Manager

I have had the privilege of serving as a high school CTE teacher for over 14 years, earning recognition as the 2020 Texas Secondary Teacher of the Year for Region 20 and receiving the Trinity University Excellence in Education prize. While my passion for education ran deep, as a single parent, I recognized the need for a new career—one that, let's be honest, paid better.

While helping graduating senior students map out their career paths, I stayed in the loop with the professional world. When it was time for my own career switch, I hired a coach. It was a bit pricey, and to cover the cost, I did the teacher hustle—picked up a second gig. Totally worth it, even though my journey was all over the map.

From teacher life, I jumped into EdTech, survived a furlough, tried my hand at entrepreneurship, went back to teaching, and ended up as an academic specialist for a global engineering firm, pulling in six figures. Oh, and I started a non-profit that provides underserved schools with User Experience curriculum.  All this happened in a wild three-year ride, depending on how you look at it.

Now, I get it—fellow teachers thinking of a change need someone who's been there. They need an affordable coach who understands the struggle and can guide them through the crazy-but-exciting journey.

This is why I created bmyvillage—to embark on this transformative journey together!"

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