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Matching Motivated Teachers with
Highly Successful, Recognized Teachers 

1:1 Virtual  Career Coaching Only For Teachers

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Support = Less Stress

Empower Yourself
By Elevating Your Skills

Feel Safe with a Professional Currently in the Classroom 

*A TEA approved CPE provider​

  • Schools cannot give EVERY teacher the personalized support they need.

  • It's easy to feel isolated even though you are around so many kids. Especially if no one else teaches your subject or there is not enough planning time with your team.

  • A toxic school culture makes it difficult to be empowered in your craft!

Being a Teacher is Tough

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If it takes a village to raise a child, what does it take to raise up and support a teacher?
It takes. . .                     

How Does It Work?


Packages range from $45-$50 per session

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