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Our Team


Belinda "Billie" Medellin

Founder & CEO


As a CTE teacher for over 14 years, the 2020 Texas Secondary Teacher of the Year for Region 20, and an EdTech consultant, I have always tried to see the solutions.  When others saw what was impossible in education, my focus was on opportunities for my students.  


Now, more than ever, teachers need to continue to inspire each generation and each other to be the solution any way we can.


I created bmyvillage to do just that... together!

Melissa "Missy" Huang

Client & Coach Care Manager


Aka the "VP of Happy"

With experience in healthcare office management, community fundraising, and raising three amazing children, my passion continues to focus on helping others.

My commitment is to provide quality service to all client & coaches professionalism while valuing fun and a meaningful experience. 

I am so honored to be part of the village that is making a change for great teachers!

Our Coaches

What makes Bmyvillage coaches so valuable & unique?


  • They have demonstrated excellence in teaching and are true trailblazing teachers

  • They are teacher leaders with a variety of fortes & specialties

  • Our team thoroughly researches each teacher, their accolades, and current teaching status before they are considered  


  • They experience the changes that happen in the classroom year after year

  • They are required to still be teaching while coaching with us & are allowed a 1 year grace period

  • Instructional coaches & admin often are unable to identify with these changes especially when Covid occured


  • They are sent an invitation to interview to determine capabilities to coach peers

  • Once hired, they create their own portfolio & learn the Design-Thinking model used for coaching sessions with empathy at the core

  • They are overseen by a Coach Care Specialist to make sure our clients get the best coaching possible 


  • As a start-up, we aim to have coaches worldwide by 2022

  • We currently have many highly successful teacher coaches  all over the U.S

  • Our list of Bmyvillage teacher coaches continues to grow everyday to be able to match any teacher with the right coach

Story Time

Why Bmyvillage ?

 After realizing that teachers all over the world needed more support than what their school could give them, Bmyvillage was created.


Educators know that schools and districts have good intentions with mentor programs, instructional coaches, and department heads to help their teachers, but...

  • Mentor programs have not always been successful in retaining new teachers

  • Instructional coaches are usually stretched thin and mainly focus on tested areas

  • Peers sometimes don’t always give the most professional advice or retain confidentiality

  • Administration has been out of the classroom for a while and do not realize the changes that happen year to year (especially with COVID)


The goal is to support teachers, at their convenience, with top-notch coaching at an affordable price.  We aim to hire only the best teacher coaches out there who are currently or were recently in the classroom. As our team of mostly former educators grows, we look to give every teacher the support they need to be the best part of every child's education while giving back to the community. Teachers are stronger together. 

We hope that you become a part of our village...Bmyvillage!


Belinda Medellin

Founder & CEO

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