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Answers You Need

What can be the focus of my session?

Anything that is related to the teaching profession.


Some examples are:

  • Handling difficult situations with students/parents

  • Understanding your teacher union

  • Which EdTech solutions are right for your class

  • Unique lesson planning

  • Project Based Learning Basics

  • Handling being a single parent and a teacher

  • Making sense of 504, IEP, etc.

  • Needing a teacher to simply listen if you do not feel comfortable going to your peers/admin

What if my focus is not listed in the matching questionnaire options?

 If you do not see the focus you would like, select OTHER  option. When you  schedule the date and time for your session, your coach will ask you for more information and you can let them know the focus you would like for the session.

How are our coaches selected?

All of our coaches are trailblazers in the classroom.  We conduct extensive research for highly successful teachers who are movers and shakers in some aspect of education, invite them to apply, and conduct an interview. If they are selected, they will then create their portfolio to share with potential client to show their strengths and who they are as a teacher.

How are our coaches different than an instructional coach and other coaching platforms?

Our coaches are currently in the classroom.

So many aspects of teaching change from year to year that those who have been out even 1 year may have difficulty relating.  We do allow a grace period of being out of the classroom for less than 10 months. After that, we will no longer be able to have them as one of our coaches.

Can a school/district purchase sessions for teachers?

Yes!  Contact us at for more information and a quote.

I have a question about my purchase or something else?

Contact us through the chat option, reach out to us at, or feel free to give us a call at 1-210-920-1215.

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