We all know it takes a village to

raise a child.

But, what does it take to

support a teacher?

Often, schools are unable to give 

EVERY teacher the support they need for

EVERY stage of their career.


Personalized, online coaching


vetted, successful teachers



BMyVillage provides the solution by offering:

  •  1 -1 private, secure, & convenient online coaching sessions

  • Strategic matching with coaches based on subject, grade(s), location, school type, and many more options

  • Affordable packages starting at $40 per session allowing teachers to purchase sessions for themselves or schools/districts to purchase for their teachers

  • Ability to gift coaching sessions to the teacher in your life! 


Coming April 30th

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What We Do

BMyVillage coaching is for you

if you are:

A new teacher who needs additional mentoring

A veteran teacher who would like a more personalized approach to professional development

A teacher who wants to feel empowered with everything from classroom management to parent conferences to lesson planning

A teacher that realizes only a current teacher fully understands your situation

A PreK - Higher Ed Teacher

Coming April 30th